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    Unity Counseling is hiring!

    We are a growing practice and are currently taking applications for Therapists (full license) and Associate Therapists (limited license). We are looking for a variety of specialties and professional interests, including:

    1. Supervision
    2. Trauma (EMDR trained or interest in becoming trained)
    3. LGBTQ+ Support
    4. Multilingual
    5. Couples & families, including adoption support
    6. Children or adolescents
    7. Chronic pain or illness
    8. OCD
    9. ADHD
    10. Autism Spectrum Disorder
    11. Substance misuse

    Training stipends are a part of a comprehensive benefits package that also include health insurance, paid holidays, PTO, retirement, and flexible schedules.

    Job Descriptions:


    Associate Therapist

    Please check out our values and see if you might be a good fit!