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  • Sharon Werner (She/her/hers)

    Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, addiction, or compulsive eating? These challenges can seem insurmountable, but change IS possible! My goal is to offer a non-judgmental space where we can collaboratively explore your needs and goals. Working together, we will develop a toolbox of skills for making sense of your life, developing wisdom and compassion, and “growing the good,” based in positive psychology. I want to help you achieve the happiness you deserve, to stop punishing yourself, and to take back YOU!

    My approach is based on developing an unconditional friendship with yourself. We will learn to understand your feelings and reactions, help you cultivate strength, and explore healthy ways to heal using mindfulness.

    My therapy practice is based on a 25-year meditation practice, with techniques inspired by the teachings of Kristin Neff, Geneen Roth, Tara Brach, Cheri Huber, and Sharon Salzburg. Real growth and change are possible. Self-acceptance and self-compassion are key. It is possible to transform suffering into strength. I look forward to working with you!